Piano Lessons in Kirkland

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In order to best accommodate the flexibility summer sometimes requires, I offer two summer study options. You choose which one best suits your family!

Option 2

Compressed study.  Choose either 6 or 8 one-hour lessons between June 1 and August 31.  You can schedule these scattered through the summer, or compress them into a tight series (ie two or three lessons a week for two or three weeks.)  This approach is great for new students because it provides focused time for the teacher reinforced practice of the many new concepts that come with beginning to learn to play the piano.  This can provide a real advantage for the coming year!  For more advanced students, this approach is great for working on a specific project (like improvisation or composition) or tackling a challenging new piece.  Tuition for the 6-hour option:  $375 (payable in one or two installments)  Tuition for the 8-hour program:  $450 (payable in one or two installments)

Option 1

Continue with your regular weekly lesson schedule.  If you have vacations scheduled, we can reschedule any missed lessons.  This option provides continuity of study throughout the year, which is especially important for students in the first few years of piano study.  Tuition for this option is the same as your school-year plan. 

Summer is a challenge--and an opportunity!

Summer can ben an extremely productive time for piano study since there are fewer academic pressures and activity commitments.  It can also be a challenge if family travel interferes with regular weekly lessons.