Piano Lessons in Kirkland

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....because music is the journey of a lifetime.


My goal is that each student become a music lover and a musician for life.   Lessons are tailored to individual student needs and include music theory, sightreading and general musicianship.  


I have a Master of Music in Piano Perfomance and fifteen years of teaching and adjudication experience.  I have been teaching in Kirkland for a year now--welcome to the studio!


Everything about music should bring joy, especially the study of music.  Although the core of my teaching is based on the traditional fundamentals of classical piano study, my goal is to help each student discover and create in the musical language that speaks to her or him.

Carole Crawford
I chose the name Vagabond Road for my studio because I love travel and the outdoors--it's the lure of what might be around the next corner that always pulls me forward.  Music has always been at the core of that adventure for me.  Granted, my piano will not fit in my backpack, but the experiences and friendships that have grown out of studying and performing music have shaped every step I've taken on my journey in life.